Online Quran Lessons for kids On Skype

Quran lessons are a crucial part of your child’s education, but in a world where your time is under increasing demands, getting the quality education your kid deserves can be difficult. Its common today to have to travel significant distances to get to your local Mosque, but if that is an hour journey each way, suddenly that means two hours travelling and a two-hour lesson, that’s four hours out of your day for a Quran lesson.

Few of us have that amount of free time, and for kids, it can leave them tired, which is not the best way for them to enjoy their education or get the most from it. Its not just the time factor either, Quran lessons in Mosques tend to involve quite large classes of twenty to thirty children, and while this works fine for many children, it can be a problem for some. If your child is shy, or perhaps not as vocal as others, they can get lost in a large class, and as a result their learning suffers.

If your child finds it difficult to connect with their tutor during lessons, or you simply live too far from the Mosque to make attending lessons their practical, you don’t have to compromise on your child’s education. With our online Quran lessons, your child can enjoy high-quality, one-on-one lessons from home and enjoy the best learning right from home when it is convenient.

Using Skype, your dedicated tutor will help your child study the Holy Quran in detail, from learning the Arabic alphabet to proper pronunciation, recital and beyond. Our online Quran lessons five your child direct access to their own carefully vetted tutor for focussed, 30-minute lessons. With up to twenty-five times faster progress than a traditional classroom, you can give your child the boost in learning and confidence that will benefit them throughout life.












How it Works

We want your child to focus on learning, to enjoy what they are doing and gain confidence from the progress they make after each lesson, and that means making their online Quran lessons as simple to use as possible. After signing up, we assign a tutor who will take your child’s online Quran lessons, you can choose male or female tutors to ensure your child is comfortable.

Each Quran lesson is thirty minutes, but because it is a focused time, just your child and the teacher, you will find that they are far more productive than the two hours spent in a larger class. Your child connects with the tutor using Skype, which is secure, robust and completely free. With versions for both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, you don’t need special equipment and can be up and running in a few minutes with your existing tech.

Each lesson builds on the last, and your child will quickly gain the knowledge and insight of the Holy Quran they need, with studies showing progress as much as twenty-five times faster than a traditional class. Online Quran lessons bring quality education to your home for the ultimate convenience, and with courses covering everything from the basics to Ijazah, wherever your child is in their studies, we have Quran lessons to suit.


Noorani Qaida

The first step on your child’s journey with the Holy Quran, Noorani Qaida teaches your child the basics they need to recite, learn and progress with the Quran. Beginning with learning the Arabic Alphabets, these online Quran lessons also teach the proper pronunciation for both individual and compound forms of the letters. These Quran lessons also cover the movement length, the rules of noon sakin, meem sakin and waqf, giving a solid foundation for study of the Holy Quran.

Ten Qirat

Prayer is at the heart of life for every Muslim, it is our conversation with Allah and our place of comfort. Through these online Quran lessons, the prayer course teaches students how to get the most from their prayer, including proper preparation, understanding how to approach prayer to improve the overall experience. Quran lessons will include the phrases of adhkar and salah, and how to gain more khushoo’ through those prayers.

Quran With Tajweed

For every Muslim, reciting the Quran with Tajweed is not just a goal but a duty. These online Quran lessons teach your child how to recite the Holy Quran using the proper Arabic accent, including knowing where to pause or continue. The Quran lessons then cover the changing forms, recital with Hardar and Tarteel, as well as the rules of Izhar, Ikhfa, Idgham and Iqlab, Ikhfa-e-shafawi, Idgham-e-shafawi and Izhar-e-shafawi for a complete understanding of the subject.


Prayer is the core act of worship for all Muslims, and we are all committed to improving our own quality of prayer every day. With our dedicated online Quran classes our goal is to help your child gain the understanding of every part of prayer then need for a tranquil and absorbing prayer experience. In our Quran class, your child will lean the phrases of the adhkar and the salah, along with the meaning of each word and an appreciation of the beauty they represent. We show that prayer is a conversation between the student and Allah, the wisdom of each position in salah, and how to gain more khushoo’ in their own prayers.

Memorize Quran

After mastering recital of the Holy Quran, the next course is perhaps the biggest challenge for your child, memorizing it. There are over six thousand verses in the Quran, and our online Quran classes take your child through each, with each new Quran lesson building on the last. While this is an immense task, focused learning through our one-on-one Quran lesson approach means that the student will make swift progress, including mastering pronunciation.

Ijazah Course

Taking the next step in the student’s journey with the Holy Quran, the online Quran lessons in this course covers Ijazah certification for both Recitation with Tajweed and Memorizing the Quran. Bringing the information learned in Quran lessons on all courses, the student is able to demonstrate their proficiency to both recite and teach the Quran to others. Successful completion of this Quran lesson course will reward students with their Ijazah certification.

We are a dedicated team of tutors who are committed to helping children lean the beauty and meaning within the Holy Quran. Our CEO was born in the UAE and earned his Ijazah there. All our tutors are carefully vetted to ensure they meet the highest international standards and are all experts in both reading and teaching the Quran.


  • Your choice of male or female tutors

  • All tutors carefully vetted

  • Online Quran classes mean learning from home

  • One-to-one tutoring for focused learning

  • Fast progress and effective learning paths

  • Uses Skype for robust, reliable connections

  • Worldwide Availability

  • Available Worldwide

  • 30-minute, focused lessons encourage confidence

  • Scheduled to fit your busy lives


With so many benefits for you and your children, you can take the next step in their education today, and it won’t cost a thing! Sign up to our free trial now and you can enjoy three of our quality online Quran classes without cost. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up today and you instantly get three free lessons on your account.
  2. Let us know the best time for your first lesson, and then the schedule you want after that, whether every day or week, or something else.
  3. Once you have completed those three days, you can continue with your Quran classes with the same tutor by paying upfront for your next month. After that, you pay every month in advance and your child enjoys a quality education.

With three free lessons just waiting for you, sign up today and let your child enjoy the education they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

You want the best for your kids in everything they do, and at Quran for kids we share that passion. We understand that quality education is crucial for their development, and our online Quran lessons deliver that in way that is affordable, easy to use and convenient.

A dedicated tutor and 30-minute one-one-one Quran lessons provide higher productivity, meaning your child progresses quickly, giving them confidence in their own potential. With a choice of male or female teachers from our carefully vetted tutors, all committed to providing the quality education your child needs, we offer a Quran lesson program that gets the best from every student.

Using Skype for convenience, your child can access their online Quran lessons on most connected devices, so no special equipment is needed. With full support and a dedicated account manager to answer any questions, you and your child have everything in place to succeed. All this is delivered right to your home, while matching the cost of traditional classes, so its affordable too.